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5 Best Sex Positions Which You Have To Try Once

by James Wilson

A book on sexuality & Erectile Dysfunction called the Kama Sutra shows us that there is no limit to how we can have sex. People who want to have fun with each other can choose from hundreds of hot sex positions. That brings male and female bodies together for each other to enjoy. 

People in heterosexual relationships can be better and more creative lovers when they know how to do different things with their bodies.

The best strategies to have mutually satisfying sex are as follows:

For each couple, the answer to that question is different. It depends on each couple and their desires.

It’s good to try different sexual positions to bring new ways of feeling pleasure into sexual intimacy and a sexual relationship. Example- The same meal can be eaten for 20 years, but that doesn’t mean you will enjoy it the most. 

When you eat, you’re only getting the nutrients you need. But if you add a little bit of parsley to that meal, you might taste it in a new way and it might be more interesting. And that’s what having new roles in a relationship can do, too.

There are other non-physical things to think about. It could be intimacy, for example. Having a lot of intimacy can make it easier for people. Especially women, to ask for what they want and try new things with their partner.

Now, let’s find out the TOP 5 best sex positions for a couple should try at least once to spice up their sex life.

The Missionary Position or Face to Face

It’s a simple sex position as the woman lies on her back with her legs open and knees slightly bent. The male rests between her legs and guides his penis into her vagina, using his arms or elbows to support his body weight.

  • The difficulty with this sexual position is that it is not as good at providing pleasure to women as the missionary position. In this position, the man’s pelvis can sometimes stimulate the clitoris, and it provides incredible closeness through face-to-face contact. 
  • However, the penis orientation prevents deep penetration or stimulation of the G-spot. (felt through a location on the front wall of the vagina believed by some experts to be a stimulus for orgasm in women). Some women additionally claim that this sex position does not provide adequate clitoral stimulation for the climax to occur.

Cowgirl or Woman on Top

The guy lies on his back in this sex position. While the woman kneels in front of him, straddling his pelvis and guiding his penis into her vagina. She can then either sit or lie to him.

  • This is an excellent position for a woman to control the depth of penetration.” When a woman is on top, she has complete control over how much penis she wants. 
  • The nipples can be engaged with the woman’s body upright, resulting in increased arousal. It’s beneficial to have access to the clitoris for stimulation purposes.”
  • The woman can also pick between bouncing, grinding, and making hip circles, each of which produces a somewhat different experience. 
  • For men, it is a good position because it is almost like a resting position. Visual Stimulus easily agitates guys.

Rear Entry or Doggy Style

The woman kneels on her hands and knees in this position, supporting herself with her hands and knees. From behind her, the man crouches and penetrates her vagina. 

  • This is the most effective erectile dysfunction & sex position for deep vaginal penetration. It allows the guy to move his pelvis forcefully and rapidly, as well as caress a large portion of the woman’s body. G-spot stimulation is also possible due to the position.
  • It Caveats and has Potential Sensual Benefits G-spot stimulation and deep penetration, yet the position can feel impersonal.

Reverse Cowgirl or Reverse Rider on Top

Details: The lady sits astride him, facing her partner’s feet, and slips the penis into her vagina. As the guy sleeps on his back on the bed. The lady can manage the thrusts’ rhythm and pace. This position is particularly thrilling for the penetrating partner, who gets to examine his partner’s back and buttocks. Squeezing or gripping the buttocks can improve both of their experiences.

  • This posture is difficult to learn since the lady must lean back or sit up quite straight to suit the penis’ angle. To bend your partner’s legs and hold yourself with your hands on his thighs, behind his waist, or on pillows on either side might turn out to be unpleasant and painful for him because it almost seems like their penis is shattering.
  • This position has Caveats and has Potential Sensual Benefits Playing with the buttocks, visual stimulation, and variety; may produce pain.

Side by Side or Sideways

Both the man and the woman are lying on their sides with their backs to each other. To allow the male to insert his penis, the woman elevates her top leg. The leg can then be wrapped around his waist or crossed across his leg. 

  • Because you’re so close to your partner’s face, it provides a lot of closeness. During lovemaking, the couple might kiss and caress one other. The sex position is pleasant, requires little stamina from either partner and provides excellent clitoral stimulation.
  • This position is ideal for morning Erectile dysfunction & morning sex when you’re a little tired. It Caveats or Potential Sensual Benefits Intimacy and deep eye contact


If you want to try these Top 5 sexual positions at least once, you should put them on your bucket list. In this case, you should move from a more intense position to one that lets you slow down and not get tired out.

People who have a lot of sex drive might like positions that let them do deep thrusting or positions that help the sex & Erectile dysfunction last longer.

With so many different positions to choose from, you can change things up based on what the situation calls for, which is a great thing!

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